Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Feeling Spring Coming in with a Butterfly - Chocolate Paper Pack

Amazing sunshine over London today, and that made me want to look for greeting cards I made a while back when I was doing some live craft tutorial streams using either Linqto or Google Hangout.

I feel like starting again so I'm waiting for my broadband connection to be upgraded on the 24th so that I can get a better upload so that you can see a better stream when I finally decide to give it a go once more.

I've used the Hot Off the Press Chocolate Paper Pack and the 15 Butterflies and Dragonflies Template to create this 6X6 square cards and a bit of matting plus cutting two strips of coordinating paper to create the sentiment banner (folding the type and cutting at a jonty angle with scissors).

The sentiment was stamped using Heartfelt Greetings Stamps Set.

Well I'm off to enjoy this sunny day and hopefully it'll get me crafting again :D Have a wonderful Easter everyone !

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

So nice to win a card making / scrapbook kit by Craft Asylum - Spring cleaning my stash !

"Ooh La La" Artftul Card Kit by HOTP

It's so much fun, getting into the Spring cleaning spirit and I've got the gargantuan task of clearing my paper crafting stash. Like some of those gigantic bridges in the world where when they start to paint them at one end, it's time to start all over again at the other end: my sorting of craft supplies is exactly in the same predicament.

My sister is visiting me from Canada and I'm pleased she came over during Spring time, we're having amazing sunny days over London in the past few days so she's really enjoying her stay.

Today makes it also extra special since I won a fun giveaway by Craft Asylum, a recent discover of mine on Facebook. I made sure I entered their latest giveaway and ....surprise I got it ( you can see the details below in the embedded Facebook post ).

Although I'm a hardcore fan of Hot Off the Press ( ) I do like to try new kits from other companies as I'm sure my crafter's followers do think I've gone bonkers with HOTP supplies as I talk about them all the time. Incidentally I do have a blog dedicated to all things HOTP called I Heart Hot Off the Press ( I know original, right ? lol ). Anyhoo go and visit it when  you can I'll be posting my latest cards in the next few days on it using their latest kits which were feature this past weekend, on Create and Craft Shopping Channel.

So far I've done one storage unit going through everything and having a good clear out, also realising that sometimes I get too excited and have doubles ! :D ah ! It's cool because that means I can make more cards hurray !

Anyhoo, thank you to all the nice peeps at Craft Asylum for their prize, I'm looking forward to receiving it.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Being Surprised by Your Past Creativity: Going Through my Handmade Cards' Pictures

It always amazes me rummaging through my old pictures I've taken of my greeting cards just to re-discover cards I forgot I made.

What's more amazing is that, to the risk of coming across as conceited, I'm surprised by my own creativity and sometimes have to stare at the cards to figure out how I made them.

I'm also glad I started the habit of taking pictures of my own handmade cards for two reasons: as a safekeeping to jog my creative memory and to see how far I've come with my techniques and idea. We all evolve into a certain style and it's fun to see how I've changed over the years (since 2006 ...yikes !).

I also remember how I started this blog and the fun I had (still have) in creating something sharing it so that hopefully it would inspire someone who has just started paper crafting or has lost the proverbial creative mojo.

I would suggest you do the same and go through your past creativity so you can say to yourself : " Well Done " ! It helps greatly on those days you feel totally blah and even feel like you want to pack it in.

I've added to this post a selection of cards I made but forgot I did. They go as far back as 2009 when I started live video streaming online sharing and making cards like if I were at a crop. Fun times which I'm cherishing still.

Also I want to add to finish this post that you shouldn't feel guilty in posting when you can,  I leave my blogs free to 'roam' around the internet's pasture knowing that all my posts are not limited by time or space and that they're still valid despite being 'old'; so in a nutshell there's no rule and it's not a competition just post when you can and want, it's your blog after all.

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