Saturday, January 19, 2008

Amazing Artymiss !

I just got my order from Artymiss (UK) and I'm very impressed by their level of customer service. I placed several orders in the past and they're always quick to deliver.

This last order took a bit longer than usual; I had the feeling that one item that was probably on back order was holding up my delivery. A quick email and the reply was almost immediate: they were waiting for one item from their supplier so that wasn't a problem with me as I could wait.

The estimated delivery was earlier than Artymiss quoted which was a nice surprise but the biggest surprise was that I got one of my item 'upgraded' as they got sent the wrong one by the supplier so instead of holding on unto it they decided to let me have it....very generous as the item was more than double the price of what I've ordered.

So top notch customer service from Artymiss (UK) ! A BIG THANK YOU !
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