Friday, February 22, 2008

Cherry Blossoms Oriental Card - 4X4 Friday Watercolour Challenge

I came across this watercolour challenge on 4X4 Friday and decided to pull my trusty watercolour pencils...I've used the same stamp from the Oriental Crane card and just mixed different colours to merge them in the background. Finally stamped that Cherry Blossom and watercoloured it plus added Anita's 3D glossy accents on the blossoms. I use one of the big chunky coins from the Oriental TSV and smothered in silver metallic cream and accented it with a plum colour. Notice the slight smudge on the purple mat....whilst scanning the card I inadvertently touched the coin and the edge of the can hardly see it in 'real life' but the scanner picked it up very well! LOL, I can live with that...
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