Monday, February 25, 2008

Fab's BIG Christmas Challenge - Make a Xmas card on the 25th of every month !


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Avoid the Christmas rush ! My challenge is a fun one. You just have to make one Christmas card on the 25th of every month, so save this blog to your favourites and come back every month to check other crafters' Yule Creations.....ho ho ho! (Here's the link to see all the monthly challenges on one page)

I have an extra option for the challenge for the more adventurous (or insanely addicted to cardmaking); you make 2 cards for February, 3 cards in March, 4 cards in April and so on ! That's a double dare as your output increases every month but the good thing out of it is: you'll find yourself with 65 cards to send in December...just in time !

Please pass it on, I want the Christmas feel just one day a month and it's going to be FUN !

The time limit on this challenge is until the next 25th of the coming for the February challenge you have until the 24th of March to make one Christmas card.

Here's my first card ! I'll create my second card later during the day. (Yes, I'm brave doing the extra option, LOL)... I've used a Brenda Pinnick blank card with a square aperture, circle chipboard, clear vellum sentiment and ribbons. The stamp is from The Angel Company - TAC (cute penguin). The turnmounts are Hot Off the Press (HOTP).

PLEASE POST IN THE COMMENT SECTION WITH A PERMALINK that means CLICK ON THE HEADING OF YOUR POST and then copy & paste the web address in your comment.

The address should look like and not only ; otherwise if you put only your generic main page address of your blog when people visit this post in a few weeks time they'll have to dig through your posts to find your Xmas card...when you input a permalink they'll go straight to your creations, ain't that nice ! LOL

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