Thursday, February 07, 2008

I have Pastel Pencils, Paper Stumps and Sansodor ! (Thank you Andrea)

After seeing so many blogs mentioning Pastel Pencils and Sansodor, I was very intrigued and asked around what was all the fuss about. I took the courage to go out again today with Vince (I promised him for his Birthday) and we went in Central London, I'm pleased we went as China Town was all done up for the New Chinese Year. I went into this little Art Supplies shop called Cass Art on Charing Cross. I just needed the Sansodor and the pastel pencils as I already bought the paper stump on Ebay (the big white crayon).

I was very lucky as Cass Art had their sales on as you can notice from the piccy I got 24 pencils for half the price and also the Sansodor was half-price.....very happy bunny ! LOL

I'm nearly finished doing yet another follow-a-sketch-card (Ismaki one) and I have used already the pencils on the stamp from the Oriental QVC TSV; the technique works a treat. A big thank you to Andrea who took the time to write to me and explain how to use the Sansodor. Basically you use your pastel pencils (not watercolour) on the edge of the image you've stamped then you dip the paper stump in the Sansodor and you drag the colour in using circular motions...
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