Thursday, February 21, 2008

So Happy Together LO - TLC Hot Fudge 'Together'

Yes ! I've finally made a scrapbook page ! That TLC Hot Fudge 'Together' kit is on its last leg, I had to tip the cellophane bag to get to the last bits. I've use again The Angel Company 'Mini-occasions' stamp set, I thought that tiny heart would really enhance the composition and it matches the flourish on the pink paper.

Vince helped me making this page as I asked his expert eye when I wasn't sure about positioning some elements. You can clearly see I 'fudged' some stamping but we're all humans and it adds to the 'charm' of being hand-made.

I haven't filled the journaling section yet as I wanted to put some personal stuff (so don't be nosey, LOL).

Now I took a digital picture and scanned the page in two halves.....I preferred the scanned page but you are missing the chalked edge all around the page, it was too big too all fit so I cropped, trimmed the edges.

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