Monday, February 04, 2008

What do you get when you mix a Kanban Flourish kit with the 'Two Cute' stamp set from Stampin' Up ? (Card for my friend Marzia)

Well apart from the rethoric question, here's a card I made whilst I was playing with my new 'Two Cute' stamp set from Stampin'Up: it's a two step stamp system. You stamp a lighter color solid imprint and then again with another stamp the darker outline...I love the principle but I was hesitant I could pull it off. I so wanted to create a lovely SU style card; usually a clean, minimalistic card, unfussy but chic. Anyhoo, I digressed and had to add my own touch of bling and some noise in the form of the flourish imprint on the cardstock. So to recap, stamps and ribbon Stampin' UP; gems, mat shiny grey card, black cardstock and scalloped edge with Xyron personal cutter; cardstock and die-cuts of bigger flowers 'n' vase......Kanban. Oh nearly forgot, punched the stems with my poker tool using a foam stamping mat.

Please excuse the little bit of Italian below, the card is for my friend Marzia as she gave me a ring when I was in the middle of doing the card so I decided to give it to her....ain't I nice ! LOL

Ciao Marzia eccoti il tuo biglietto che ti mandero' domani (o dopodomani se non faccio in tempo). Grazie per la telefonata e puoi vedere il resto del mio blog andando su 'Archive' e il mese di Gennaio (January per te, ahahahhaha). Baciotti Fab
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