Thursday, April 24, 2008

Christmas Challenge Cards - March Gallery

Here's the Fab's BIG Christmas Challenge Gallery for March. Thank you all for participating and adding my challenge banner on your blogs. Stunning cards everyone ! I felt so inspired going through all your cards.
It took me the good half of the afternoon to hunt your cards and save them on my computer. Please, could you leave your permalink on the correct month next time if possible, it will make my life easier. For example on the 25th of April starts the April challenge (1 0r 4 cards) you have up to the 24th of May to join the challenge with your cards...I'll put a link on top of my blog (just under my blog banner with the current challenge ! LOL). So don't add your April entries to this post WAIT TOMORROW for the APRIL CHALLENGE THREAD.
If I missed any of your entries please just leave a comment and I'll add you to the gallery straight away.

Participants BlogRoll :

Maria - Kath - Beth - Sarah - Linda - Glee - Ella - Tracie Jane - Cynthia - Nessy - Sammie Jay -Dana
Ladies ! You are a wonderful talented bunch ! I love you guys !

Here are my two other cards for March (I've added them to the March post too ! wink)
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