Wednesday, June 25, 2008

May Gallery - Fab's Christmas Challenge

Wow everyone, you make me so proud ! You've created wonderful cards and we have more nutters this month (nutters make the extra cards each month). We have new players this month so please all the 'veterans' make sure you welcome them. I hope you're having fun doing this challenge and don't worry if you can't make it for one month you can always join the next challenge. I hope you have created a Xmas box to keep your cards in ! wink

Thank you to :

Becky, Beth, Beverley, Enjay, Jackie, Jane, Kath, Louly, Phree, Tracie-Jane, Tracy, Vanessa and Vicki for joining-in in the fun !

I'll be creating a new post for the JUNE entries so PLEASE do not add your June entries to this post - Thank you !

PS: if I've missed anyone either by name or your cards just emailed me and I'll rectify my post straight away. (my email is in my blogger profile)

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