Friday, July 25, 2008

June Gallery - Fab's Big Christmas Challenge

Wow can you believe it, one month has passed already. It's Christmas in July today on both QVC USA and QVC UK (even the today special value is identical). I feel all festive despite the hot weather and the stubborn sunshine in London this morning. I've been taping those QVC shows as we both enjoy Mr Christmas and Thomas Pacconi decorations.

Here's the gallery where you can enjoy the gorgeous cards these ladies have made:

Beth - Karen - Steph - Ella Bella - Megastamper - Phree - Glee - Beverley

Thank you to all of you who have participated. Also thanks to those of you who have opted for the nutter challenge...truly appreciate your dedication.

I'll be posting later for the July challenge so please DO NOT POST YOUR ENTRIES HERE ! LOL

Wait for the next post which will have all the details.

A special mention is due to the lovely Lesli because she has created the most delectable ( I can almost taste them, LOL) Christmas Tags, please click away using that link to see her lovely tag creations.

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