Monday, August 25, 2008

August Fab's Big Christmas Challenge

Before you scream cheat, I know I know....that's a card from the HOTP personal shopper. I'm not claiming that's my design either ! The reason I've decided to make this card from one of my personal shopper boxes that are dangerously growing under my bed is because QVC UK has a Today Special Value which is a Christmas Personal Shopper one.
Hot off the Press must have had so many people wanting those cards in one bundle that they must have relented and created that kit. So I thought why not have fun making one of those cards ! You can see the inside of the card too. I had a dry run crafting so this will get me crafting again. I like using kits as I don't have to think and agonise over 'will it work or look good' and at the same I can relax let my mind wander whilst I make the card as good as I can possibly can.
If you haven't tried one of those personal shopper from HOTP just give it a go. If you don't want to order them from the States and want a taster go for the QVC kit even when the price reverts back to 30 or so it's still good value.
As usual add your August entries here (you make either one card or eight (8) yep that's the nutter option), please make sure you read the instructions on my February post about my Christmas Card Challenge. You can add your entries up to September the 24th, Thank you !

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