Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christmas Fat Art Page for Paper Follies and Leonie Tagged Me

It has been so long since my last post.....I was going through one of my blue phases ! I started to feel better today and Leonie Tagging got me posting again.
I created six of these Fat Art Pages (the back is a surprise for my fellow Paper Follies swappers). I saw the lovely cards Amanda made on Making Cards magazine (I'm a subscriber) and she truly inspired me. Papers are Bo Bunny, the cabouchon faux gems - Frosted Adhesives Stones from QVC UK.

Leonie just surprised me with a lovely tagging: I have to list 7 random facts about myself ! I hope these facts are interesting and won't bore you to sleep !!!
1) I was a Sergeant in the Italian army for two years. Funnily enough I thoroughly enjoyed and wasn't missing home. I think I made the best of it.
2) I lived in three countries : Canada, Italy and the UK. Britain is what I call home though, after 18 years living in London.
3) I worked in a Rotisserie place during summer months in my teens. In Britain, I've done quite a few jobs mainly in retail : shops were in Oxford Street, Oxford Circus, Leicester Sq, Covent Garden and finally just behind Piccadilly Circus...yep I know central London like the back of my hand. Also I worked in a call centre where people could swap their time shares ( never again LOL ! ).
4) I love cooking but I will take shortcuts when I can like our Saint Delia ! I can cook Italian, French, Indian, Thai, Chinese and Moroccan cuisine. I can even make Sushi although I don't do it often to my neighbour disappointment.
5) After papercrafting my other passion is linguistics and foreign languages.
6) My first four years in the UK, I lived in a hostel that was run by Italian priests. Our accomodations were just next to the Church.
7) I'm addicted to Kool-Aid and Ice-Tea
Now my chosen Seven are:

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