Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Groovy Chicks Card - Accord Publishing Calendars with Pop-up elements

I got for Vince and myself two desktop calendars from Accord publishing: mine is calendar cards and Vince's is punch-out calendar. He's been busy pushing out the die-cuts as you get a few every three days of the week. He created this stunning card with those shopping gals, sakura embellished mini stars and sentiment mini banner done on the computer. Very effective card if I may say so. I'll put the one he made with some cat images tomorrow, another stunner from Vince.

I've been invited again (thank you guys) by Julie and Crissi for the Arty Girlz guest designer and I just put a little preview there.......just to tease you if you want to see the full card you better visit their blog where this week challenge is 'transparent'. I hope you'll like this fun card !

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oriental Delight Card - Yes I've used Peel-offs/Outline Stickers !

Happy New Year ! I've disappeared for a while although I was still making noises with my new Christmas Cards Challenge blog. Since September I've been ill with a very nasty bronchitis that nearly went at the beginning of December just to catch the flu which kinda got me down. I finally had to brave some panic attacks to get to my GP(Doctor) and she kindly prescribed me a course of anti-biotics. I feel much better and it's like a veil has been lifted.

I was also down because a friend passed away during the festive season and although we weren't keeping in touch much, I always looked forward to receive one of her emails telling about what she was going next or at times just some plain gossips. Beverley I will miss you and enjoyed working with you on your projects in the past. I'm sure you're still crafting on the other side !

I'm a big fan of Oriental themed card making and over the years have stashed away a few kits I got from my beloved QVC ( I know it's an illness LOL). On this card I've used three kits: '33 Sheets of Oriental Ladies Paper, Card, Vellum & Toppers' (The toppers with the ladies), ' 32 Sheets of Oriental Inspired Card & Vellum' (Textured paper I rubbed with metallic luster) and 'Oriental Themed Papers Stamps, Stickers & Embellishments' (Peel-offs/Outline Stickers).

I created a three-fold card from a piece of A4 cardstock and then matted the textured paper with embossed chinese writing on it after I rubbed some teal metallic rubon cream on it. I've attached the topper to it with foam pads, used the trim from the topper to create two corners plus the thin ribbons threaded through the chinese coins. Finally I've used Peel-offs/Outline Stickers (Shock Horror ! LOL) to embellish the card itself and also the toppers (Fan on the first image, swirls on the kimono trim 2nd image and the hair 3rd image). Those pictures of the chinese ladies are stunning and don't need much adding to them.

It seems that I'm ready to craft some more so I will finish a few cards that were put aside with foil and glitter (yes Gill you're getting more samples LOL). I have some lovely Angel stamps (TAC) which will go lovely with foiling. Watch this space as they say !

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