Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ink shading cards made at Dawn's workshop - Announcement about Craft Critique and Dare you Digi Stamps

My attempt at Dawn's ink to paper technique, despite Dawn's patience showing me how to do it twice I failed miserably ! LOL It's such a different technique to us a stamp on both end of the card and then again the same ink shading it out but don't take my card as an example for the final result you'll do much better than myself.
We got shown how to colour in peel-offs using these new Sakura Metallic markers and water paint brush to mix two colours  within the same area. It's amazing the effect you can get with that technique...loved it ! And yes we want to buy the Sakura metallic pens now. RFLOL Any excuse to buy new stuff ! wink
Vince really got it about the shading and created this stunner, I like the contrast of black, red and green. Almost a Christmas card with those colours. I love it !
We started the workshop with these lovely country houses pyramage Kanban concept cards. Since we both ended with the same results and card I thought I would only show one. They were fun to assemble and you can always add more to it to make your own. 


Now for something completely different I'm pleased to announce that I've been chosen to be a Craft Critique member so expect me to write some reviews over there and .......also I've made it into the DT for Sandra and Chris. So I'll be reviewing and making cards for the gals. I also make the occasional cards for the lovely Gill at foilplay.co.uk ! So please visit their sites when you have the time.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Woven strips stitched Birthday Card (I made for Dawn) - A magical day at Stitch & Craft !

Wow what a magical day, it has been at the Stitch & Craft last Friday. I finally made it and met Dawn, JJ, Paula and Catherine. Dawn was wonderfully welcoming and it was so nice to meet her in the flesh (and yes she's truly amazing). Vince and I just thought it would be a quick meet and greet as we know Dawn is very busy but she took the time to be with us all the way and we ended up doing a workshop (Thank you Dawn). To say it was friendly is actually wrong, it felt like being welcomed into a family.

I knew Paula already from last year and we kept in touch through our blogs but as soon as she saw me, it was like meeting an old friend and we carried on were we left off last time. Dawn is such a charismatic person, I just couldn't believe it that I finally met her. We all had good chats with JJ and Catherine (she's even nicer in person).

Anyway everybody were uber-nice and that really made my day. It's 'embossed' in my mind and I will never forget it. I came back home with a big grin on my face as I had so much fun. Vince was really happy too as he had such a good time.

These are close up details for the card I made for Dawn, I've used K&Co papers and two HOTP templates for the flowers and to distance the slits to weave the strips of papers (I'll be doing a tutorial about this technique very soon). Stamp is Michael Strong and brads from Stampin' Up, I also used the big 7X10 cards that were sold at QVC recently.

Vince, Wonderful Dawn and I
Dawn, myself and JJ (Really nice guy)
Lovely Paula and myself

Me (again !) and super nice Catherine (she's even nicer in person)
Girls I know you're envious right now ! LOL

Question and answers at the Crafts Beautiful stalls with Dawn and mags editor Jenny Dixon (Thanks Tolly for the correction) whilst Catherine was reading the questions to them. You can see it was pretty busy with Dawn and Catherine signing autographs.

Vince is looking on unto Catherine as she did the same as me, we cut off the birds feet on those outline stickers/peel-offs. I'm completely engrossed in cutting my stuff.

Paula is taking the picture and although it was late on the day Dawn was still upbeat; if she didn't sell craft she could sell kindness by the pound !

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thank You Card - Simply Elegant

I was playing with these stickers that came free with a magazine (already used one for my Owlarama card) but I just thought I could use the pricking method again and do something different. I used the matching 'Thank You' sticker with its border and draped it with an organza like ribbon and used a template to prick around it. I also pricked a motif on top of the sticker and added those Paperchase metallic buttons I can't seem to leave alone. Again a quick card but I believe quite elegant, well I like to think so ! wink

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Magnolia unusual card - Collaboration is the key !

I coloured this lovely image of a Magnolia stamp ( I think it's Tilda but I'm not sure) that Greta sent me and forgot about it. Yesterday Vince made a card taking inspiration from the design of a ceramic pen holder I have: he was stuck as he didn't know what to put in the matting area, I suggested this image that was ready doing nothing. So Vince made the card, I coloured in the image and Greta stamped it ! Total collaboration on this card ! LOL

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Owlarama Simple Card - Paperchase Owl Stickers

I made a quick Note card the other day for my dear friend Phree. I just like the pricking effect on a plain white card, as I told Phree: it's a phase I'm going through - LOL !

This card took minutes to make I've used a sticker that was part of freebie from a craft magazine, then pricked around it following the same shape, finally added the owl sticker (Paperchase) and a gingham ribbon (to match the owl wings) from stash (although I have the suspicion it's HOTP). Et voila ! A quick cute card...

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Birthday Cards ! YAY !

A stunning card from Vince, isn't that beautiful ? I lov eyou baby !
Gorgeous Owl card from Phree
A lovely decoupage card from Vicky
Great and very funny card from Canne
Super cute Dragon from Greta
Elegant flower card from Gill (foilplay.co.uk)
Another Owl and Vince made this beauty ( He went wild and made me two cards LOL)
Beautiful card from Carol all the way from New Zealand !
Gorgeous card from Julie (Arty Girlz)
A card which is handmade but bought from my friend Viviana in Devon (painted on silk)
My lovely niece and nephew (Emily and William) made this cuty for me, they know I love sheep ! LOL
Finally a lovely card from Nin (Nellie) I love that filigree look to it!

I took advantage of a lovely sunny day in London to take the pictures of my lovely birthday cards, thank you all for sending me these lovely handmade work of heart !

I had a wonderful birthday and didn't eat too much birthday cake ! ah ah ! LOL

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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Seafaring Vintage Family Card - Paper/Cardstock Wooden Frame Tutorial with metallic rub-ons cream

I've been toying with the idea of creating a wooden frame simili using soft cardstock and rub-on luster creams for a while now. I've made my first attempt two days ago and posted my results on Crafttelly. Encouraged by the lovely feedback I got from that gang (Hi everyone !) I decided to finish a card with that piece of fake frame and here's the result. I've also thought it would be nice create a mini tutorial, please excuse the poor photographs as I don't have the proper professional gear. I hope you like this technique I decided to call " rub-a-frame by Fab " ! LOL

You can use any embossing tablet you own as long as you have a few grooves next to each other it will work, don't worry if they're not equidistant it will add to the charm of your frame.

Score 4 lines on some soft cardstock (180-220 gsm) then either use the other side of the tablet (if it has a lid section) or scooch the cardstock a little on the right after you turned it upside down. Basically you want to create another groove next to the original but on the other side. You'll end with 4 mount score lines and 4 valley ones side by side.

Trim the cardstock at around the same distance from your first score lines from to the edge of it. So if you have one inch from left to the first groove then cut one inch on the right of the last groove.

Then start to fold back and forth so you end up with an accordion like shape.

Smooth with your thumbs and finger to give both edges a concave shape.

You can see it better here as I'm lifting the edges gently, you could use a round stick to help you.

Now comes the fun bit start with the old gold and rub it all over the strip (put another sheet of paper underneath to keep your craft mat clean).

After adding some grey as well into the 'valley' formed by the carstock I finish the frame adding yellowy gold to pick up the accents, then finish all the bits you've missed with some anthracite.

Fold the stip unto itself and measure the tip, then use the same measurement to mark along it's length so that you can mark a line you can cut with your scissors.

Finally after cutting assemble the the two parts together to form a corner if you repeat the same steps with another strip you can really make a full frame. Notice the left over (bottom right hand corner) that be used for another card. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that it inspired you to make some frames of your very own. X Fab

Nearly forgot: rub-on metallics from CalicoCrafts.co.uk, vintage newspaper K&Co, vintage boat image HOTP ephemera, button and shell from stash as well as kitchen string (inked for good measure).

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