Sunday, March 01, 2009

Seafaring Vintage Family Card - Paper/Cardstock Wooden Frame Tutorial with metallic rub-ons cream

I've been toying with the idea of creating a wooden frame simili using soft cardstock and rub-on luster creams for a while now. I've made my first attempt two days ago and posted my results on Crafttelly. Encouraged by the lovely feedback I got from that gang (Hi everyone !) I decided to finish a card with that piece of fake frame and here's the result. I've also thought it would be nice create a mini tutorial, please excuse the poor photographs as I don't have the proper professional gear. I hope you like this technique I decided to call " rub-a-frame by Fab " ! LOL

You can use any embossing tablet you own as long as you have a few grooves next to each other it will work, don't worry if they're not equidistant it will add to the charm of your frame.

Score 4 lines on some soft cardstock (180-220 gsm) then either use the other side of the tablet (if it has a lid section) or scooch the cardstock a little on the right after you turned it upside down. Basically you want to create another groove next to the original but on the other side. You'll end with 4 mount score lines and 4 valley ones side by side.

Trim the cardstock at around the same distance from your first score lines from to the edge of it. So if you have one inch from left to the first groove then cut one inch on the right of the last groove.

Then start to fold back and forth so you end up with an accordion like shape.

Smooth with your thumbs and finger to give both edges a concave shape.

You can see it better here as I'm lifting the edges gently, you could use a round stick to help you.

Now comes the fun bit start with the old gold and rub it all over the strip (put another sheet of paper underneath to keep your craft mat clean).

After adding some grey as well into the 'valley' formed by the carstock I finish the frame adding yellowy gold to pick up the accents, then finish all the bits you've missed with some anthracite.

Fold the stip unto itself and measure the tip, then use the same measurement to mark along it's length so that you can mark a line you can cut with your scissors.

Finally after cutting assemble the the two parts together to form a corner if you repeat the same steps with another strip you can really make a full frame. Notice the left over (bottom right hand corner) that be used for another card. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that it inspired you to make some frames of your very own. X Fab

Nearly forgot: rub-on metallics from, vintage newspaper K&Co, vintage boat image HOTP ephemera, button and shell from stash as well as kitchen string (inked for good measure).

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