Monday, March 23, 2009

Woven strips stitched Birthday Card (I made for Dawn) - A magical day at Stitch & Craft !

Wow what a magical day, it has been at the Stitch & Craft last Friday. I finally made it and met Dawn, JJ, Paula and Catherine. Dawn was wonderfully welcoming and it was so nice to meet her in the flesh (and yes she's truly amazing). Vince and I just thought it would be a quick meet and greet as we know Dawn is very busy but she took the time to be with us all the way and we ended up doing a workshop (Thank you Dawn). To say it was friendly is actually wrong, it felt like being welcomed into a family.

I knew Paula already from last year and we kept in touch through our blogs but as soon as she saw me, it was like meeting an old friend and we carried on were we left off last time. Dawn is such a charismatic person, I just couldn't believe it that I finally met her. We all had good chats with JJ and Catherine (she's even nicer in person).

Anyway everybody were uber-nice and that really made my day. It's 'embossed' in my mind and I will never forget it. I came back home with a big grin on my face as I had so much fun. Vince was really happy too as he had such a good time.

These are close up details for the card I made for Dawn, I've used K&Co papers and two HOTP templates for the flowers and to distance the slits to weave the strips of papers (I'll be doing a tutorial about this technique very soon). Stamp is Michael Strong and brads from Stampin' Up, I also used the big 7X10 cards that were sold at QVC recently.

Vince, Wonderful Dawn and I
Dawn, myself and JJ (Really nice guy)
Lovely Paula and myself

Me (again !) and super nice Catherine (she's even nicer in person)
Girls I know you're envious right now ! LOL

Question and answers at the Crafts Beautiful stalls with Dawn and mags editor Jenny Dixon (Thanks Tolly for the correction) whilst Catherine was reading the questions to them. You can see it was pretty busy with Dawn and Catherine signing autographs.

Vince is looking on unto Catherine as she did the same as me, we cut off the birds feet on those outline stickers/peel-offs. I'm completely engrossed in cutting my stuff.

Paula is taking the picture and although it was late on the day Dawn was still upbeat; if she didn't sell craft she could sell kindness by the pound !

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