Monday, April 20, 2009

Paper Weaving technique Tutorial using Easy Stitches HOTP 7328 Template

No you haven't gone mad, it's really a Christmas card. Reason it's on this blog as well as my Christmas Challenge is because I needed to create a tutorial for my paper weaving technique I used on Dawn Bibby birthday card I made for her. I've had so many people asking me how I did it I thought I would combine my two challenges and create a tutorials whilst making my weekly Christmas card. I also recently joined the Paper Wishes (HOTP) forum so I big hi to everyone over there, you'll be happy to know I've used only Hot Off the Press supplies; also another big hello to all the lovely ladies and gentlemen at the other forum I like to frequent: Craft Telly ! You can get the Easy Stiches template at but if you are in the UK Topaz Crafts have started stocking it too.
You'll need the HOTP template Easy Stitches (#7328)for paper weaving > Easy Stitches template (UK Topaz Crafts)
You can see I selected three papers again HOTP and already created a Tea Bag folding Christmas Tree ; covered a 7"X5" card with the green paper and edged the base card and various mats with a black inkpad.
Here's close up of the Tea Bag Folding Christmas tree I also got my Star Brad (HOTP) ready to trace around the stripe paper for later.
You need to cut strips of paper at 1/4 of an inch, since I only want to do one side of the mat I cut two strips (turned out I didn't need two but always cut more just in case)
Thin paper won't do on its own so you need to use some lightweight cardstock (180gsm) and adhere it to the paper as you'll be cutting into it.
One you stuck the paper on the cardstock just flip it and centre the stitch I also follow the line as it's the right distance from the paper edge.

Using a pencil just trace as you would with any template.
You can see better on this picture how the edge of the paper match that line on the template.
Put the template away and now make an incision using a sharp craft knife, make sure your cuts are very straight.
Now you need to loosen those cuts using a pointed tool ( I use my pokey tool), just slide it in and move back and forth until you have enough space to thread paper through.
Glue the strip on the back and start weaving the paper through the slits.
Here are all my elements and the weaving finished, once you've reached the end of the weaving just glue the last bit at the back. Now I'm ready to assemble the card.
Just a close-up of the weaving effect. I always put some sticky foams on the mat where I weave as to not flatten the effect. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial !

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