Tuesday, May 05, 2009

My day meeting Brenda Pinnick at the British Museum

I was very excited to meet Brenda and Helen, Bridget as well as Leonie later on. Here we are bright and early at 10am at the front gardens of the museums. Vince took the picture so he's not showing !
The exhibits took my breath away, to think that people crafted these beautiful artefacts so many years ago, I know it's silly but I felt emotional and overwhelmed at the beginning as everything is just there you don't expect to be so close.
Our lovely Brenda posing among those statues. Extremely kind and real person, I was worried we would overwhelm her as we wanted to ask so many questions but she took the time to answer them all. So Brenda a big thank you for making a normal trip to the museum a wonderful day for all of us. Keep it real girl ! We love ya !

Just a wow on that one, I was thinking of Wellington (a Craft Telly member) the whole time as she's a big Egyptian art fan. Welly if you ever come down to London, we're going together !
Bridget " Look Brenda a vase ! " Brenda " Yes I can see that " LOL
We entered this room and we were speechless, a stunner !
Copycat that I am decided to take a picture of me at the same spot where Brenda took hers ! LOL
Helen and Brenda
Group meeting ! Brainstorming with Brenda about forthcoming new lines...
I think this was taken when we entered the room with the big temple, we're in awe as you can see. Brenda, Bridget and I.
Another group meeting, this time it's serious ! wink
Brenda and Leonie
After 19 years in London, I'm thinking why I didn't go before but as usual there's always tomorrow. If you ever come to London make a beeline to the British Museum it's amazing and beautiful !

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