Thursday, June 04, 2009

Mini Album for my sister's 40th - Brenda Pinnick Acetate & Chipboard Mini Album Kit

Wow it was so much fun using this Brenda Pinnick Acetate & Chipboard Mini Album Kit from QVC UK.

I thought I would give my sister this little present as it's made by me. I called it in Italian 'Fratelli' which means brothers and sisters but also means 'Siblings'.

My sister brought back from Italy when returning on her last trip some pictures that my late granny kept so I decided to use them. You can see they were taken in Quebec when we use to live there. I also enclosed a couple of pictures when were in our thirties (sigh ! it goes so quickly) and we had a citybreak in Amsterdam.

There's a two fave of mine of my sister when she's holding our late family pet 'Benji' and when she ventured on her ow in London in the 80s ( she came over here first then decided to go and live in Canada).

Anyhoo, she doesn't follow my blog, hopefully, so this is going to be a surprise for her on her birthday. I've also made her an Oriental birthday card you can see on my other blog.

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