Saturday, February 06, 2010

Gift boxes made with HOTP 7358 Kyla's Swirly Gift Box Template

I've had so much fun making making these two gift boxes: one for my brother in law for Christmas and the other for my niece's birthday. They're perfect to put some chocolates in them or a small token. We were able to fit a small bracelet in one and some beads in the other.

It's no secret I love HOTP templates and this one is another one of my favourites ! It takes a bit more perseverance with this one to get the folds to align properly but just make sure you score the lines and you'll be fine.

This is also a small preview of Vince's birthday card I made for him :

Please click on the image to go to my other blog (Brenda Pinnick Fanatics) to see it bigger.

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