Monday, January 03, 2011

Happy New Year ! I'm back (Petula Gordino voice) - Fab Glam Fifties MCS Card samples #1

Hello everyone (still with Petula Gordino voice - ah ah ah )

Oh boy it felt good to just take a good break. I managed to send several hand made Christmas Cards this year something I never managed to do in the past despite running a crimbo challenge (I'm reverting to a monthly format this year btw).

The fabulous Diane contacted me back at the beginning of December and asked me if I could make some samples for a forthcoming MCS CD called Fab Glam Fifties (since it had my nickname in the title, how could I refuse ? lol). Vince made gorgeous cards too with that CD and they were well received during the shows this week. It's actually a Pick of the Week on Ideal World / Create and Craft.

So I'm happy to make some samples every now and then just for fun and I feel that my chronic blue phase as almost lifted. I want to thank you all for your patience if you kept visiting any of my blogs hoping for some new posts, I hope you weren't too disappointed.

I'll be posting one card a day until Friday when the pick of the week ends !

I hope you like the first card I made, I've used the HOTP Giant Flower Card Template for the big flower and the rest comes from print outs in Nancy's CD.

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