Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Having fun with Card Making by Number - House of White Birches !

My own twist on the card project

Original project but I've aded the strip of gilded flakes and a different ribbon
I've been playing with that 50 cards kit I had on my desk since last Wednesday, it's actually 25 designs you can make twice. So I thought why not having a go at making the original project and then instead of making the same card again, just give it my own twist....so I did !

I couldn't help but use the gilding flakes I got recently and also used them on the original project which doesn't make it original anymore. lol

I'll show the various cards I made over the next few weeks to avoid having a huge post and then nothing.....I'm not as stupid as I look ! lol

A big thank you to Maria Nerius as I won this Card Making by Number with other fabulous goodies on one of her webcast shows online. The lady is very generous ! :)

EDIT : Just to let you know that QVC UK might be stocking this Card Making by Number kit but it hasn't aired yet, hence the lack of accompanying picture on their site, the name is identical but to be sure ask the operator if you can make 50 cards with that kit, so hold on unto your horses if you couldn't find it in the UK...yet, this kit might be proably aired on Feb 22nd !

ANOTHER EDIT : Just spotted Sara from Crafter's companion posting something about an event for the very same kit that is on QVC on Create & Craft TV, it's also available on their own website too.

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