Thursday, February 10, 2011

One more card from Card Making by Number - Second crocheted bunny leg completed !

My own twist on the original project (below), a bit annoyed a the ribbon nick but I didn't have an 'iron' handy' lol

Original Project
Yet another card from the kit 'Card Making by Number' and my own twist to it ! :) You can see my first post about it.

The ribbon where it was folded is showing but it didn't show that much in reality, I guess pictures give out all the little niggling mistakes away ! :(

I've also managed to finish the second crocheted bunny leg yesterday night, I've unravelled the arms as I wasn't happy with it so I'm back to square on with them. 

Crochet bunny legs ! Full body coming to a screen near you very very soon ! lol

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