Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happiness Always Card - La la la la la Triangle !

Hello everyone ! :) This is the card I made for my 'Card under an hour' challenge on Come2Chat.

I'm a permanent fixture on their weekly show (Thank you Cynthia) so I'll be doing all sort of paper craft on Monday at Noon Eastern Time / 5pm UK BST and on Wednesday same time but with my 'Card under an hour' challenge where I use the 'Scrabpooker's Creativity Kit!' from Claudine Hellmuth to jump start my creativity to make card right under your eyes.

Now this is the room link to get to Come2Chat (Monday / Wednesday / Friday at Noon Eastern);

So save it in your favourites so you can get there quickly ! :)

I'll be doing a tutorial on how to make a triangular card out of your average rectangular base card. So watch this space.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Cardboard Pencil Case using My Mind's Eyes Bloom & Grow Decoupage Pad

Another great challenge from Come2Chat (Creative Edventures), this week it was using a piece of cardboard or corrugated board. I used the box, Charlie Bear came in and recycled it making a pencil case.

I had this lovely decoupage pad from My Mind's Eye, Bloom & Grow and it's full of lovely flowers etc.. but tucked in almost hidden these art and craft like blooms where screaming to be used.

I've covered the cardboard with decopatch glue and let it dry which makes it very shiny and stiff. Easy to apply then the die-cuts toppers from that pad to complete the look some old metallic brads from Making Memories.

Finally I thought it would be cool to use some hemp string across the two elements inside the flap that something I purchased from Stampin' Up.

I hope you can join us in our new challenge next Monday, you need to make something out of a CD or Cd case and should be useful for a Party.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

TP Roll Frame for Come2Chat challenge !

Come2Chat have set up a challenge in using TP roll(s) but I cheated as I used an inner kitchen paper tube. Same thing though. I created the main tree with it and the branches. All done using some glue, My Mind's Eye papers Bloom & Grow and Decopatch glue.

People in the picutre are my lovely sister and mother ! :)

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