Saturday, September 24, 2011

Are you a hoarder of your leftover bits when paper crafting ? Confession of a card maker !

So the big questions is... What do you do with your leftovers bits when paper crafting ?

I, personally, can't bear to part with even the most minuscule leftovers ( I know 'sad' ) but there's a method in my madness: I always believe that they can be useful for Artist Trading Cards (commonly referred as ATC). As you can see from the pictures I use small plastic containers to store them or plastic bags even worse I stuff them into cellophane bags meant for the cards I make. It's an illness !

Are you ruthless (and if so can you 'cure' me ? lol ) with your bits and offcuts ? How do you manage your ever mounting stash of papers ? And the most difficult question to answer is what is the smallest allowable size of paper you can keep: 2X2 square inch can always be used for a topper as a mat...but then 1 inch is also good for an 'inchie' (minuscule art form  for the very patient). I despair of my sorting indecisions so when in doubt I keep everything. I need serious help !

I need your input, how do you cope are you like me saving every single piece ? Or once you've taken your scissors to a nice 12X12 sheet of paper, you just trash/bin what's left (oh the agony) ?

What's your practical side telling you that isn't working with me ?

Please help ! 

A hopeless hoarder (who's still tidying up his craft corner after 4 days of moving stash from A to B) LOL

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