Thursday, September 29, 2011

Do I need to add a fake barcode on my cards to make them acceptable ? - Why a handmade card has that personal touch !

On one of my previous post 'Now that I'm bloggin...' the lovely Lindsay Mason left me a comment about her frustration with people who don't get handmade cards. I leave you to pop to that post to see her comment but in a nutshell someone told her 'Why would I make a card if I can just easily buy one from the shop for 1 pound (dear American friends just read 1 buck). 

I totally understand where Lindsay is coming from and I commented that we're losing the appreciation of the slight imperfection yet beautifully crafted and heartfelt outputs artisans and crafters alike have been producing for generations.

I coined this new term of Ikea-ism, where everything is perfectly designed, mass produced and basically even if they make you believe that you're buying a unique 'individual' lifestyle, well we end up owning all the same stuff and our homes are starting to look the same. 

Memories of going to my Italian grandmother's house are still fresh and seeing some objets d'Art she used to buy from local artisans in her various trips around the 'boots'. I use to envy their uniqueness and their extra value because there was also a story or a funny anecdote attached to these mementos which my gran always relished telling at length.

I don't have anything against Ikea but it's obvious that unless the person operating the till was extremely amusing or chatty, you just know you bought that decoration because it might match and that's that...

Now what about card making ? Why is it that some people are so incensed to receive a handmade card believing we are being cheap or we couldn't be bothered to go down the store ? I tend to go for the 'once bitten, twice shy' attitude with them, once I know they don't appreciate they get the cheapo card and I don't even try to explain to them that the material alone I used for my cardmaking is well above what one pays in any of those mass produced cards in stores.

Handmade Stamp from 
One of my relatives who shall remain nameless is like that and doesn't get it. I remember putting a fake barcode on one of my cards a few years back and for a split second this person was pleased as punch I 'bought' the card. It was hilarious when the deceit was uncovered and the praises for the card were actually for me, not an unknown manufacturer.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this short blog post from Heaven 'Store bought cards are ugly anyway'. Obviously I don't mind at all receiving shop bought greeting cards as not everyone is a card maker. 

But please people out there when you receive a card which isn't a folded piece of cardboard which was printed by a press and instead you receive something that is lovingly hand stamped, or layered with different papers, ribbons etc.. Don't turn up your nose at it: someone took the time to give you that extra 'I care about you' spending their time making you a unique, not to be repeated card. And that's worth more than ugly barcodes of shop bought ones...

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