Monday, September 26, 2011

Now that I'm blogging (writing more about myself) what's this blog 'mission statement' ? (how grown up!!!)

On my previous post I explained how I'm going to use this blog as my sounding board and express myself as a crafter with mental health issues. It might not be everyone's cup of tea but as I said there are 7 other blogs of mine if you only want to see cards without my 'dross'. I almost had an epiphany when I read this blog post from Christie 'Getting passionate about your blog'. She talks about a mission statement for your own blog.

Now to me it sounds all grown up and very corporate but I do understand where she's coming from (she mentions a few resources about blogging that seem very interesting so do check out her blog). I believe what Christie means is the personal mission statement or in my case: what's this all about, Fab ?

And it suddenly dawned on me that it's all about sharing my personal experience as a paper crafters: the many self-doubts, moments of 'I'm going to pack it all in' extremes, the daily quest of sorting the paper craft stash in a practical way ( I started to tidy up my corner and it's still work in progress after a week).

So be prepared this is about card making, papers (and cuts) ...hopefully with less despair. I hope I'll make your smile more than cower thinking that I'm totally nuts ! LOL So fasten your seat-belts because it's going to be me warts and all. I started this blog back in 2007 just to share my cards that I've made but now I feel confident enough to share a little of me for posterity.

I came across these bloggers' posts who have read the same post from Christie and decided to give it a go at explaining to their readership and themselves what their blog's direction might be:
So what's your own 'mission statement', in a nutshell why have you started a blog (if any) ?

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