Saturday, September 24, 2011

Panpastels are cool and I made it into the Design Team ! Hurray !

I'm very excited to tell you that I'm part of a very talented team of crafters for Panpastel. Their weekly challenge for the UK market is starting tomorrow (Sunday Sept 25th) and this is my contribution for this weeks' challenge. You can see more infos on their blog :
You can also purchase the panpastel in the UK at 'Your Creativity Store'
Now I've been playing with them and will make a full demo live in one of my future craft webcasts on please check the fanpage on Facebook for when this will happen. Papermood on Facebook

Here's another picture where I've started to play with these panpastels, they're very light and high in pigment they have almost no binders and a little goes a long way. Also they have almost no dust residue when using them.  The clever tools that you should use with them are sponges specifically created for a velvety application. I simply love them.

I received a 9 colours and the applicators from the lovely Berni at Panpastel UK but I was so persuaded by their practicality and ease of use that I purchased 3 more colours to expand my palette.

I've been trying with a few techniques and I'm enjoying them. Please watch this space or my other card making craft blogs to see how I've used Panpastel. 

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