Sunday, September 25, 2011

'Riding the wave' distracting myself with card making, how I cope with my depressive phases

You're probably wondering why I write more about myself and how I feel recently. Well it's because I thought this blog of mine needed a new direction. I have 7 other blogs (listed on the right hand side) about different niche of card making, although I'm still featuring cards on this one too it's going to be also about me and how I feel about the card making process and my daily life. I won't write everyday but when I feel like I need to express myself and use this blog as a sounding board I will do so.

Something spurred this soul searching I discovered a blog through seededbuzz (google it, wink) and I felt like that post was talking to me.

Ginger (The Seamstress of Avalon) is sharing how her mother's depression affected and how she has to cope with it now. In her own words '... I had always felt that being in any kind of pain and letting it show was a sign of weakness that others would despise me for '... and it's kinda how it felt in my own family too. I had to look inward and show total indifference as a coping mechanism during my teenage years. Music was my saviour then and discovered years later when I was diagnosed with bi-polarism that most manic-depressive need something to distract them (some of those distractions are disruptives, I'm glad I picked music).

I've been card making for a few years now and I noticed that most crafters use this hobby as coping/healing distraction to their disabilities either physical or mental. I also realise that most of them are very vulnerable to criticism (me included) and we tend to kinda jump the gun. I guess in my case when I have one of those 'foggy' days I need just to craft and ignore what happens around me. 

It's no easy and I don't have a magic solution, some days I'm capable to cope with some know downs and not being able to craft, others I feel super sensitive yet I can craft for England so to speak. I'm sure that makes an interesting individual albeit very erratic.

Ruth Weal has a five steps resource for dealing with depression on her blog and as she mentions that's what works for her. As for directing your energies and dealing with your own creative depression, Melissa Shell opens up with her own view about it.

I hope you can ride through the wave as I like to call it when I feel well enough to paper craft !

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