Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sorry for your 'Job Loss' greeting card, Is that a bit too much ?

According to this CNN article ' Hallmark is sorry for your loss - your job loss ' the manufacturer feel there's a demand for this type of card. They will start rolling out 'Job Loss' themed greeting cards in most of their stores pretty soon.

I'm in two minds about this type of cards as it can be seen as insensitive if you were to send this sort of greetings, like if it were a joke and it could be taken the wrong way by the recipient. Having said that, if it's a close friend and you want to let them know you're there for them, I guess that could be a nice friendship token.

What worries me is that people seem to need 'pre-fabricated' feelings on cards so that they don't have to deal with the person feelings and avoid the interaction. I'm not saying that people are avoiding some issues just sending off a card for any occasions but I feel there's a tendency of having a plethora of cookie-cut cards that will do the job and that's that.

Sending greeting cards are felt differently and the customs varies between cultures for example being half Italian, I found it very strange being handed a Christmas cards by my colleagues at work as cards are sent when you cannot give the greetings personally to your friends, family or in this instance by your co-workers. In Italy, greeting cards are only used as a last recourse if you know you can't contact your loved ones so it's reminder that you're thinking about them. 

In the UK because of the huge Victorian tradition of sending cards someone just needs to sneeze and they will receive a greeting cards....only joking ! I know I'm exaggerating but I find it really nice that people want to let their loved ones and close friends that you're thinking about them sending a card. 

Now as a cardmaker I can create my own themes to suit any occasions but I wouldn't personally write as a sentiment 'Sorry for your job loss', personally a 'I'm there for you' or 'Thinking of you' would make a more sensitive and sensible card to give to a recently jobless friend or family member.

So what do you think ? Is it a step too far to send greetings about losing one's job ? Do you feel when you go into greeting cards stores that they overwhelm you with too many occasions and not enough variety for the main ones: birthdays, wedding, anniversary etc... ?    

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