Sunday, April 22, 2012

Recycled/Upcycled Food Contaner - Leslie-rahye's Earth Day Blog Hop

I had so much fun doing this project because it was for ME ! I badlly needed something to put my pens and what-have-yous in and after watching Leslie-rahye Crafty Gig on Ustream one night, I was inspired to re-purpose an old milk powder container using décopatch glue and some brown packing paper (in the background), I also picked these funky I love London postcards from Paperchase (a chain of shops in the UK) and cut them into strips or square to make it easier to apply them over the tin/can. American crafts red and blue ribbon finish the upcycled container nicely. I hope you like my almost 'swingin' sixties inspired' pen holder ! Enjoy the rest of the blog hop (scroll down) for the other craft mates wonderful creations for this special Earth day !

I used the container on the right (Milk Powder)

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