Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Being Surprised by Your Past Creativity: Going Through my Handmade Cards' Pictures

It always amazes me rummaging through my old pictures I've taken of my greeting cards just to re-discover cards I forgot I made.

What's more amazing is that, to the risk of coming across as conceited, I'm surprised by my own creativity and sometimes have to stare at the cards to figure out how I made them.

I'm also glad I started the habit of taking pictures of my own handmade cards for two reasons: as a safekeeping to jog my creative memory and to see how far I've come with my techniques and idea. We all evolve into a certain style and it's fun to see how I've changed over the years (since 2006 ...yikes !).

I also remember how I started this blog and the fun I had (still have) in creating something sharing it so that hopefully it would inspire someone who has just started paper crafting or has lost the proverbial creative mojo.

I would suggest you do the same and go through your past creativity so you can say to yourself : " Well Done " ! It helps greatly on those days you feel totally blah and even feel like you want to pack it in.

I've added to this post a selection of cards I made but forgot I did. They go as far back as 2009 when I started live video streaming online sharing and making cards like if I were at a crop. Fun times which I'm cherishing still.

Also I want to add to finish this post that you shouldn't feel guilty in posting when you can,  I leave my blogs free to 'roam' around the internet's pasture knowing that all my posts are not limited by time or space and that they're still valid despite being 'old'; so in a nutshell there's no rule and it's not a competition just post when you can and want, it's your blog after all.

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